Male Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore: How to Treat Balding Effectively


Male hair loss treatment is topic of enormous public interest topic. Understanding possible treatments and physiological of different types of alopecia will likely to make a larger impact on the lives of patients.

Male hair loss facts

male baldness

In order to determine the best male hair loss treatment, it is always important to know the progression. There exists different stages of hair loss or baldness. Norwood scale is the most common scale to identify your baldness stage. This scale contains 7 different hair loss stages which are given below:

  1. Stage 1 contains no prominent hair loss or recession of hairline.
  2. In stage 2, men may experience a slight hairline recession around the temples. This level of baldness also known as mature or adult hairline.
  3. At stage 3, the very first clinically significant balding signs appear. It is because here the hairline of affected person will be recessed at both temples deeply. It will resemble with a V, U or M structure. While, recessed spots are sparsely covered or completely bare.

In stage 3 vertex, you can also experience a significant hair loss on the top of the crown.

male pattern baldness

  1. The hairline recession can be more severe and you might find no hair or sparse hair on vertex. The two hair loss areas can be separated by a hair band which will connect to the hairline remaining on the scalp sides.
  2. Hair loss areas can be larger than stage 4. The hairline area will still be separated with narrower band of hair in between.
  3. At this stage both balding areas at vertex and temple will be joined. Hair band across the top of head will be gone.
  4. This is the most severe hair loss stage. It is because at this stage only a band of hair will remain around head sides.


What’s the difference from female hair loss?

female pattern baldness

When it comes to see difference between female hair loss as compared to men hair loss, then you must know female lose their hair more diffusely. It means female hair loss cause hair thinning hair all over. While, male hair loss is more obvious. It is because it usually starts with receding hairline and often result in partial or complete baldness. While, on the other hand hair loss of females impacts their head crown more often as compared to hairline.

Although hair loss in males can lead to complete baldness but if you are going to treat that on time, you can easily treat balding. There are some male hair loss treatment Singapore available which can slow male baldness and treat hair loss effectively.

Male hair Loss treatments

Here we have different ways which can help you to treat hair loss effectively:

Hair transplantation

Hair transplant is one of the most widely practiced surgical method to get rid of balding areas. In this method some parts of your scalp containing good hair growth are removed. Hair follicles which are being removed from these areas will be transplanted to the balding area.

Scalp reduction

In this treatment bald scalp will be removed surgically and scalp parts with healthy and good hair will be brought closer together. This can also be combined with any hair transplant technique.

Noninvasive treatments

  1. RF for Scalp and Hair Loss
  2. ScalpElectroporation (SEP) for Hair Loss
  3. Medication
  4. DIY home remedies
  5. Lifestyle changes

These are other effective hair loss treatments which can help you to get rid of baldness in the best possible way. In this type of hair loss treatment, cells from inside human hair follicles base are being used to create new hairs.

Drugs and Medication

There are mainly two approved drugs available which you can use to treat male baldness or hair loss problem. Both of these drugs have been approved to treat hair loss by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, name of these off the shelf products are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine).


Minoxidil (Rogaine) is effective to use for pattern baldness. While, finasteride can be used for stumbled hair growth but it is effective for men only.  

DIY Home remedies

Here are some of the most effective home remedies you can consider to treat hair loss effectively:

  • Aloe vera is being used to treat hair loss for an extended period of time. It can sooth the scalp, unblock hair follicles and reduce dandruff. You can apply aloe vera to your scalp 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Applying coconut oil can also prevent hair loss. It is because coconut oil contains fatty acids which can reduce protein loss from your hair.
  • Using fresh lemon can enhance hair quality and growth, while lemon oil is effective to encourage healthy scalp.

Lifestyle changes

Here is a list of some lifestyle changes which will help you to reduce hair loss effectively:

  • A well-balanced diet is one of the most effective and best ways to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Make sure to consume iron rich foods. Even more adding foods containing enough amount of protein and omega 3 fatty acids can help you to improve your hair growth.
  • Drink plenty of water on a regular basis.
  • Avoiding stress is also necessary because it can cause significant hair loss.
  • Performing exercise or yoga on a regular basis can also work effectively.
  • Regular scalp massage will not only let you feel wonderful but it can also help you with hair loss effectively.
  • Quitting smoking is also a good idea to prevent hair loss.

Radio Frequency Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss

male hair loss treatment

How does RF scalp treatment work?

This is a type of hair loss treatment in which plant stem cells are applied to the scalp and using Radio Frequency (RF) technology, delivered into the hair papillae. These cells trigger rejuvenation and effectively encourage new hair growth. Ultimately, baldness effects will start to reduce with this hair loss treatment.

This RF device is similar in technology to those used in beauty treatments. However it is important to note that the power and pulse rate of ones used for scalp therapy is significantly different. Make sure you are using one that caters specifically for hair loss and has clinically researched data to show it is safe for scalp use.

ScalpElectroporation (SEP) for Hair Loss

male hair loss treatment

How does SEP work?

This is another non invasive method of getting nutrients into the scalp, this time using electroporation technology which promises 17X better absorption so that the active ingredients reach the hair papillae. Hair growth is encouraged and the hair follicles are strenghtened. We have seen visible significant results with this hair loss treatment.

Why and how are these male hair loss treatments effective?

Patients with hair loss problem were gaining very little benefit from previous hair loss treatments or medications because some of these treatments are not stimulating robust hair growth. Clinically proven SEP treatments are highly effective solutions which can produce hair follicles by improving cell-to-cell signaling and anti-age the scalp. This method was first discovered by Korean scientists and have since gone through numerous clinical trials at top Korean universities.

Where can I find this male hair loss treatment?

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Being a relatively new ground breaking technology, there are few places in Singapore that have this treatment, although it is highly popular in Korea. One place that carries this treatment is Papilla Haircare at Ngee Ann City.

View their before-and-after gallery on their website, or view our recommended hair loss and scalp care treatments treatments to boost your hair and scalp health. 


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