Which sunscreen is good for dry skin?


Those with dry skin will understand the pain of itchiness or increased sensitivity. Even though most of us are staying indoors due to social distancing, we may not be fully protected from environmental triggers that aggravate dry skin. This is where sunscreen for dry skin comes in.  

Your skin needs sun protection regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors, and a lack of sunscreen can impact your skin’s overall health.  

How does sunscreen help me achieve healthy skin?  

Sunscreen is an essential tool in fighting against skin cancer, which is primarily caused by UVA rays that can damage the DNA of your skin cells. Your skin is damaged by sun exposure over your lifetime, and statistics show that having 5 or more sunburns increases the risk of skin cancer by almost half.  

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, applying sunscreen every day can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer by 50%. Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, with more than two people dying of the disease every hour. Fortunately, it is highly preventable with the right lifestyle and skincare routine.  

In addition to preventing skin cancer, other benefits of using sunscreen regularly include preventing premature skin ageing caused by the sun, including sagging skin and wrinkles. People with dry skin are especially susceptible to the early onset of the signs of ageing, as their skin barrier is weak.  

Applying sunscreen regularly also minimizes the risk of extensive sun damage to your skin, causing excessive pigmentation to form. These might come in the form of freckles, moles, dark spots, or blemishes.  

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What to know about using sunscreen for dry skin 

Before buying your sunscreen, it’s important to do your research on the ingredient formulation. Ingredients like squalane and natural fruit extracts work best for dry skin. There are a wide variety of sunscreen products that contain these power-packed ingredients.  

Squalane provides instant hydration to your skin which is especially important for dry skin types. Natural fruit extracts include grapefruit and tomato, which deliver revitalizing and nutrition properties into your skin.  

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You may want to avoid sunscreens containing chemical ingredients as these may irritate your skin. Look out for fragrance-free and water or natural ingredient-based lotions as these will help repair dry and sensitive skin without irritating it.  

Do I just apply sunscreen on my face? 

Fairer skinned Asians have a higher risk of getting skin cancer as they are lower in melanin, a protective pigment. Hence, it’s important to apply sunscreen not just on your face but on all areas exposed to the sun.  

where to apply sunscreen

What type of sunscreen is best for dry skin? 

Sunscreens that come in the form of lotions are best suited for moisturizing purposes. Try to avoid sticks or sprays, as sticks require many swipes to cover your body areas fully, and sprays are usually inconsistent in coverage.  

Find a double-action sunscreen that serves two purposes – moisturizer and sun protection.  

Dry-skinned people may also have skin sensitivity to the sun, so stronger sun defence is needed. SPF 30 or higher broad-spectrum sunscreens work best as they defend against UVA and UVB rays, the two main types of rays coming from the sun that are harmful to the skin.  

How often will I need to reapply if I’m indoors?  

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It’s best to reapply every 2 hours as if you were outdoors. This is because sunlight will filter through windows into most people’s homes.  

Normal windows will block UVB rays but not UVA rays, which can penetrate the skin even deeper than UVB rays. UVA rays are also a major contributing factor to the photo-ageing of your skin, resulting in leathery skin, dark spots, and wrinkles.  

The use of sunscreen in the long run 

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Adopting sunscreen as an essential tool in your sun-protection strategy is critical in the long term. Not only will you be protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, but you can also enjoy protected, sun-kissed skin that is healthy- and youthful-looking for years.  

Of course, sunscreen shouldn’t be your only line of defence against the sun, but it should be the most basic and essential form of sun protection. Eating antioxidant-rich foods and drinking lots of water is also a must-do if you want to take good care of your dry skin.  

Everyone’s skin condition is unique. In addition, there are many factors influencing skin health, such as genetics, diet, medical history, and lifestyle habits. If you are unsure about the right sunscreen for your specific skin type, you can consult qualified dermatologists who can recommend the right sunscreen for your skin type.  


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