Non-Surgical Aesthetic Skin Treatments for Wrinkles in Singapore


It is natural for your skin to develop wrinkles over time, due to factors such as dehydration, UV sun exposure, or aging. As natural remedies require time and effort, you can choose to go for non-surgical aesthetic skin treatments for wrinkles for immediate, long-lasting and visible effects.

What causes wrinkles to form?

causes of wrinkles

Wrinkles can occur because of:

  • Aging

As you age, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and saggier. The decreased production of natural skin oil and collagen dries your skin and makes it appear more wrinkled.

Healthy fats in the deeper layers of your skin will also start to fade. This creates wrinkled lines as loose, saggy skin starts to appear around prominent areas, such as the eyes.

  • Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) speeds up the natural aging process, which primarily causes the appearance of early skin wrinkling. The exposure to UV sunlight destroys your skin’s connective tissue — collagen. This is important for the appearance of healthy and younger skin.

Eventually, the supportive connective tissue breaks down and your skin start to lose its strength and flexibility. The skin will then begin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.

  • Smoking

Smoking can speed up the normal aging process of your skin, contributing to wrinkles. Nicotine is one of the ingredients in cigarettes, and this nicotine in the smoke causes blood vessels in our skin to constrict. This means weaker or lesser blood circulation throughout the body.

This naturally leads to less oxygen being distributed to the skin, drying it out. Naturally, this leads to visible wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Repeated facial expressions
facial expression cause wrinkles

Facial movements and expressions, such as squinting, laughing, or smiling, can cause premature fine lines and wrinkles. Whenever you use a facial muscle, a line forms beneath the surface of the skin. And as skin ages, it loses its flexibility and is no longer able to recover to its original state. These lines beneath the skin then become permanent features – wrinkles on your face.

Effective Non-Surgical Aesthetic Skin Treatments for Wrinkles in Singapore

There are many ways to prevent wrinkles. Some of the most common ones including homemade remedies and leading a healthier, balanced lifestyle. But what can be done to get rid of them?

Here are some of the popular and effective non-surgical aesthetic skin treatments for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. Skin resurfacing treatments
laser Aesthetic Skin Treatments for Wrinkles

These involve laser treatments (or laser peels). Aesthetic treatments like laser therapies are highly popular in removing superficial imperfections on the skin, such as pigmentation, acne scars, and wrinkles and fine lines. Lasers are used to target the affected areas on the skin, removing the damaged layer and allowing new skin cells to “resurface”. This then forms a new and evenly smooth skin layer.

  • Chemical peels 

A chemical peel, when done properly, can reveal newer, younger-looking skin underneath. It involves using chemical substances on the facial skin to remove or shed the damaged skin cells, and works effectively for signs of ageing such as age spots and wrinkles.

Skin resurfacing treatments and chemical peels may be similar in the intended goal of ideal candidates – here’s how both treatments compare to each other.

  • Facial fillers

Some facial fillers are specially-designed to treat wrinkles and to eliminate fine lines and creases on the skin. Facial or dermal fillers serve as an effective, non-invasive procedure with multi-functions used to revitalize the skin and reduce skin imperfections. There are various types tailored for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin types, simultaneously stimulating a more radiant and healthier-looking skin.

What results can be expected after an aesthetic skin treatment?

aesthetic treatment results for wrinkles

For most aesthetic skin treatments, you can notice an immediate improvement in your skin after a single session. Drastic results may be seen as well, but it is recommended to check with the aesthetic doctor beforehand about your expectations and goals, and these are usually sorted out during the consultation stage.  

Can I still reduce wrinkles without aesthetic treatments?

You can, but as wrinkles form deep within the skin layers, so no amount of topical creams, facial massages, or vitamins can reverse the signs of ageing. Aesthetic treatments are highly popular in today’s day and age as an effective and quicker anti-ageing alternative for people looking to improve their appearance and increase their self-esteem.

That is not to say that a healthy diet, adequate hydration, and a balanced lifestyle is not important when it comes to preventing wrinkles from forming. Factors like diet and lifestyle habits do play a big part in the outcome of our skin, even with aesthetic treatments in the picture, and the end results will be promising.

Where do I go for aesthetic treatments in Singapore?

Lunchtime treatments (treatments under 60-minutes) are widely available, wherever you are. The difference falls in the effectiveness of the clinics’ treatments, the aesthetic doctors performing it and the pricing of each treatment that they offer. Check out our blogpost on the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore!


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