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Did you know that each hair on your head has a cyclic pattern of growth? This is called a ‘hair growth cycle,’ in which human hair grows at a rate of approx 1.27cm each month.

However, different factors make it hard for hair to regrow naturally. In this article, we are going to discuss some remedies so such situations and introduce you to the best hair loss treatment and products in Singapore. 

Scientific facts about hair growth and loss

Before we talk about the hair growth in Singapore, it is important to understand how the hair on your head behaves.

  • The scientific name for hair female and male pattern baldness is alopecia androgenetica. In this situation, the hair growth cycles start growing weak.
  • The lifespan of your hair is two to six years. When you shed hair, there is a new growth to replace the lost one. Hair follicles shrink with this period, but they allow for shorter and finer hair strands to grow. There will be no growth of new hair in the place of lost one when the growth cycle stops.
  • The anticipation of gender makes hair grow faster.
  • Each hair strand has the strength to support up to 100 grams in weight. Since there is an average of 100,000 to 150,000 strands on the head, it means your hair could easily support two elephants.
  • The types of hair determine anesthetic requirements in surgery patients. In 2002, a report from researchers indicated that individuals with ginger hair require 20% more anesthetic before a surgical procedure, compared to blondes and brunettes.
  • Some people experience what is known as “Seasonal Hair Loss.” Scientist argues that those abnormalities in melatonin and prolactin levels could be the main cause. Also, changes in solar rays intensity greatly impact the production of the above.
  • What and how you eat affects the health of your hair. Hair is constructed from natural protein. Having high proteins in your hair, therefore, builds strong.
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  • Fluctuations in genes or hormones are the most likely cause of hair loss. In men, hair loss is predominantly genetic. If a man has a grandfather with thinning hair, chances are they will have the same problem. In women, hair loss is associated with a change in hormonal levels. A woman, for instance, who is post-menopausal, is like to experience hair thinning.
  • You can treat hair loss—unfortunately, not all types.

Hair Loss and Hair Growth Facts

All hair follicles will have formed by the time a developing feature gets to 22 weeks. There are about 5 million follicles. One million are on the head, with one hundred thousand of the follicles on the scalp.

This is the only time human beings produce hair follicles during their lives. Hence, this is the largest number you can ever have. For the rest of your life, the density of scalp hair will keep reducing.

Males have testosterone, which causes faster growth in hair than females. And every hair on your body is different.

You can treat encourage hair growth with the right hair loss treatment. Technology and scientific breakthrough today has ensured human beings can regrow lost hair. And even if the hair does not grow, there are different alternatives to this issue.

Different stages of hair loss require different solutions

Even though human beings lose 50 to 100 strands of hair each day, the extent differs in individuals. As such, we don’t face similar hair losses. This is also true because of gender differences and the causes of hair loss.


As stated above, men’s hair loss is associated with genes; hence it can be more serious. For women, sometimes it even goes unnoticed.

You can address hair loss easily. Slightly more hair loss due to stress in the short term can be addressed with some shampoo or products. And the market is full of these products.

More serious cases of prolonged hair loss require proper hair growth treatments. This is because such a situation is a result of more serious factors.

Hair loss treatment in Singapore

Depending on your needs, there are different solutions available for hair growth. Everyone’s hair is different; hence, you need to find what may work better for you. Here are some common solutions:

  • Off the shelf products
  • Shampoo, conditioners, Scalp Masks, Serums
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Figure 1- Picture source: Papilla Haircare Scientific Formulation

Other treatments:

  • Minoxidil. This is a treatment you can apply directly on the scalp/
  • Laser therapy. This includes at-home devices that stimulate the growth of hair follicles.
  • Finasteride. This is a drug doctors may recommend for more severe hair loss.
  • Dermatological procedures. They include scalp pigmentation, hair transplantation, micro-needling, and scalp expansion.


Hair Loss Treatment Singapore – What’s available?

For those in need of top quality hair loss treatments in Singapore, Papilla hair loss centre could be your best option. The service provider was recently crowned the winner of Best Hairloss Centre in Singapore 2020. It is therefore trusted clinic.  

How it works

Papilla Hair Care uses non-surgical hair regrowth treatments that can be tested and proven by science. It offers hair loss sufferers an opportunity to recover their crowning glory fully.

The use of non-surgical procedures means the serums can get into the deepest layers of the scalp without any pain. And it is easy to use.

How is it different than off the shelf products?

sep diagram

There are a few features that make this product different from off-shelf ones. Consider the following:

  • It is non-invasive, needle-free and painless
  • 17x better serum absorption
  • Dermatologist tested with scientific back-up
  • Lab-certified
  • It uses E.V. cytokine technology to rejuvenate cells.


Cost depends on the extent of the problem. However, you get a first trial promo at $128. Also, you get a free Vital Hydro Cleanse worth $68 for a limited time.



Figure 2- Picture  credit: Papilla Haircare Singapore

Science-based S.E.P. technology has a 99% success rate. Hence, you can be sure your head will look better within a short period. There is a complete cell restoration within 55 days with evidence of increased hair fullness.


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