Fit for a Queen: 5 Best Facials for Mother’s Day (2021)


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to adequately spoil the most important woman in the world, but could you decide what would be the best Mother’s Day gift Singapore has to offer? We’ve put together a list of the best facials Mother’s Day has ever seen in Singapore, because a relaxing facial is arguably the most symbolic way to thank our mothers for everything she has done for us.

Facials go far beyond simple skincare treatments, only meant to heal and rejuvenate the skin, as modern aesthetic spas offer professionally relaxing, revitalizing facials, designed to resemble an adequate spa day for the face and skin.

best types of facials for women

The best spa-like facials will let the most important women in your life (mother, wife, anyone you truly cherish) know that you are grateful for their efforts year-round, making for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

5 Best Facials this Mother’s Day

The importance of facials goes uncontested, as they provide a multitude of benefits, along-side the relaxing experience which eliminates and cleanses you both from the outside and inside.

We share our favourite facials for mothers on their special day, with the benefits and advantages that they are best known for!

Ultrasound facials

ultrasound facial for women

Anti-ageing facials are among the most popular type of facials for women, as one of their primary goals is to reverse the signs of aging. Ultrasound facials lift and firm the skin, with the use of high speed ultrasound waves, as a staple of innovation. Besides the aesthetic benefits, this type of facial has also been credited for boosting the skin’s natural immunity, through the production of heat shock proteins.

Oxygen facials

Oxygen facials on the other combine multiple advanced technologies to deliver a mixture of pressurized oxygen, antioxidants and vitamins directly to the skin cells. This process grants volume and plumpness to the skin, accompanied by a matching glow.

oxygen facial for women

Hydrating facials

Perhaps you are considering hydrating facials, but unsure if it fits the occasion. Yes it does, as hydrating facials are amongst the most popular, revitalizing facial treatments out there, making for a great gift at any time.

hydrating facial for women

Light therapy facials

Light therapy facials however, are specialized in dealing with dull-, tired-looking skin, through narrowband light wavelengths, which stimulate the skin to heal, brighten and rejuvenate. This type of facial has been proven effective against uneven skin complexion as well as a wide range of other aesthetic conditions.

light therapy facial for women

Relaxing facials

Finally, relaxing facials are meant to provide the most alleviating experience against everyday stress, offering the most pleasant spa-like sensation for the skin. Relaxing facials are suitable for anybody looking to lose the common tension and anxiety, so do not hesitate to go along with your mother for some quality time spent together.

relaxing facial for women

Where can I find the best spa in Singapore?

Singapore is home to a large number of aesthetic spas, but not all facilities are created equal. Often times, the quality of the spa is reflected in the quality of the treatments and services, making it wise to spend the extra dollar to get the most out of your experience. 

Facials are not meant to be expensive, but your facility of choice will heavily influence the quality of the overall experience.

best spa for a facial

Renowned aesthetic therapeutic spas offer some of the highest-quality treatments and facials at affordable prices, making them ideal for a Mother’s Day present. These spas also have a very high client satisfaction rate, as their number one priority is to create a relaxing, joyful experience by the highest standards. You should also be able to easily find the facilities’ track records, letting you know that you and your mother are in good hands.

Other Popular Mother’s Day Gifts Singapore Has to Offer

Set your imagination free by adding some extras for the perfect all-around pampering day for you and your mother to enjoy before or after the facial treatments!

Ideally, you’ll want to spend more time together with the most important woman in the world, so why not bring a piece of professional skincare treatment home with you?

popular mothers day gifts singapore

The relaxing, glamorous experience doesn’t have to end after leaving the aesthetic spa, as you can now get professional skincare sets from the people who’ve revolutionized the industry in Singapore. These products have been proven to work, with results matching those of other clinical treatments.

kim lim founder illumia

Kim Lim, the founder of Illumia Therapeutics, has created her very own line of skincare products illumiaSKIN, meticulously curated to perfection for all types of skin. These items include the best-selling Baby Drops Mask, which set the industry standard to whole new heights with its stem cell culture based formula; the famously unmatched Rejuve Serum or the Hyarum Skin Booster, with its unique effects on the skin’s natural healing and tissue repair processes.

baby drops mask product
illumiaSKIN’s Baby Drops Masks

You can easily create a nice bundle out of these products to gift your mother the chance to experience professional skincare from the comfort of her own home. This way, the relaxation and cleansing can continue whenever you feel like spending some more quality time with the most important woman on the planet.

Illumia’s newest Stay-Home Kits contains the bestselling Baby Drops Mask and the latest snacking indulgence for those watching our calories – SlimFood! Check out these new kits here.

Besides skincare practices and products, all women love a delicious and comforting brunch or tea sesh, in their children’s company. Check out some of the best Mother’s Day brunch locations and offers over here!

celebrate mothers day singapore

Lastly, the cherry on top for any Mother’s Day present is going to be a nice bouquet of beautiful spring flowers to express your love and gratitude with. Since many florists from Singapore provide same-day delivery for their fantastic blooms, it is in your best interest to check out these offers and get your mum the most beautiful bouquet this Mother’s Day!


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