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Asia Roxy No Downtime Treatments

Waterjet Facial Treatment

What is a Waterjet Facial?


Waterjet facials and what are they? The oxygen Waterjet facial is a painless and natural treatment procedure aimed at improving the skin’s texture and appearance in a rapid manner. The…

lunchtime treatment review

Top 5 Lunchtime Treatment Reviews in Singapore


Review of the top 5 lunchtime treatments in Singapore Many people have negative perceptions of plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. While the stigmas attached to such procedures have disappeared, many…

oxygen facial therapy

What is oxygen facial therapy?


Oxygen is what keeps all living things alive It keeps cells alive, helps them reproduce and regenerate. Oxygen is also a provider of energy and protects us from unfriendly bacteria…

Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore. Your Guide to Lunchtime Treatments

A famous Singapore Asia Roxy blogger talks about beauty and health treatments and procedures.

All have been done with no downtime!

Dear Singaporeans, here you can learn a lot of major benefits of coolsculpting, fat freeze, and noninvasive facelift procedures.