Salt Scrubs for Scalp: Are They Effective For Hair Growth?


We all know great hair starts from the roots, and salt scrubs for hair are the next big thing to maintain a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. Using a salt scrub for your scalp effectively exfoliates the roots, removing dead skin cells, product build-up or excess oil. This scalp exfoliating technique will reduce clogged follicles which prevent hair growth and clear dandruff.

The benefits of salt scrubs for hair

benefits of salt scrubs for hair

Using a salt scrub on your head brings several benefits which lead to healthy-looking hair. The salt helps to remove dead skin flakes on the scalp’s surface which can block follicles stopping the hair from growing. As a scrub, it also boosts circulation to the scalp. Improved circulation allows the body to bring fresh, nutrient-rich blood directly to the hair’s follicles – encouraging growth.

Salt is a popular choice when looking for a scalp exfoliator for many reasons.

  1. It’s easy to make at home. You don’t need lots of different or hard to find ingredients to make your own salt scrub. Literally, it’s just salt.
  2. It’s cheap and affordable. You probably have what you need to make a salt scrub for your scalp in your cupboard already. No need to rush out and buy anything expensive.
  3. Salt has proven benefits to the skin. From sprinkling Epsom salts into your bath to sloughing off dead skin with salt-based body scrubs, salt has been used for years to draw out impurities, reduce swelling, increase circulation and so much more.

What should you use in your salt scrub for hair?

different types of salt

There are different types of salt, but which should you use on your head to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss? The fact is that different types of salt bring different benefits.

  • Table salt: The most affordable option for your DIY salt scrub. Treats alopecia, prevents baldness and promotes hair growth.
  • Sea salt: Contains a higher amount of natural ingredients than table salt. It strengthens the hair follicle and nourishes the scalp.
  • Pink Himalayan salt: Known for skin soothing and contains 80+ different minerals .
  • Kosher salt: Similar to table salt but contains no additives.

How to use a salt scrub for your scalp and hair

Only apply the salt to your scalp area

Although salt is fantastic for your scalp, it doesn’t have a great effect on your actual hair, in fact, it can be quite dehydrating. So, to avoid affecting your hair, apply the salt to your scalp only.

Be gentle

When you apply the salt mixture to your scalp, massage it lightly using just your fingertips. The aim is to remove loose, dead skin cells, so work it in gently to avoid scratching your scalp and causing damage.

Nail the technique

The best way to administer the salt scrub to your scalp is to massage in circles around your head. Not only does it feel super therapeutic, but scalp massage is also proven to promote circulation and blood flow to the scalp which encourages hair growth and therefore healthy hair.

For those with long hair, flip your hair forward to reach your scalp better.

how to scrub salt into scalp

Be regular

As with any part of our haircare or skincare routine, salt scrubs for hairrequire regular use to get the best results. The ideal use is once a week or bi-weekly, and this will help prevent dry skin and get rid of the weekly build-up from product, oil and dead skin cells.

If you find your hair is particularly oily or use lots of haircare products, you may want to increase how often you use your salt scrub.

When to avoid salt scrubs on my scalp?

If you suffer from any conditions on the scalp, including acne, eczema or psoriasis it is not advised to use a salt scrub for your scalp.You should also avoid it if you have any cuts or sores on your head. These conditions make your scalp more sensitive to exfoliation and using a salt scrub can lead to sensitivity, inflammation and irritation.

If you suffer from one of these conditions but are looking for a way to exfoliate your scalp you should consult your doctor who may recommend an alternative topical solution.

salt scrubs benefit skin

Salt scrubs for hair has many proven benefits for the skin, as evident in the many body scrubs available. They are an effective way to naturally and affordably exfoliate the scalp, clearing blocked follicles that prevent hair growth and getting rid of dead skin cells which can cause dandruff.

However, if you are looking for salt scrubs to prevent hair loss, unfortunately, the results cannot be guaranteed. Instead, seek the advice of a trichologist or haircare professional who can assess your hair loss and suggest a tailored hair loss treatment plan for you to accelerate your hair growth.


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