How Much Do Hair Loss Treatments Really Cost?


To watch our hair fall off is a disheartening reality most of us go through at some point in life. But the modern world of science and technology has empowered us with the remedies to win over such challenges! If you are unaware of how much hair loss treatments cost in Singapore, let us guide you through all the available options to deal with the worrisome hair fall issues.

What is causing my hair loss?

Hair loss is universal. You can rarely find someone not bothered with it.

What is causing my hair loss

The truth of aging sometimes involves fading beauty and vanishing hair. The blessing of dense healthy hair is no less than a crown situated over our heads defining our personality. The sad part is very few of us are fortunate enough to enjoy this magnificent crown throughout our lives.


Testosterone is the main culprit accounting for 95% of male patterned baldness (androgenetic alopecia). It affects nearly 40% of all men by the age of 35.

Males produce testosterone which metabolizes to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to shape male characters. In androgenic alopecia, the hair follicles develop an increased affinity towards DHT which then actively binds to the follicles.

This binding causes follicles to shrink (thinning of hair) and eventually die (hair fall). Initially, the hair recedes along with the temples, then disappears from the crown and finally to complete baldness.

male patterned baldness androgenetic alopecia

Fluctuating hormones

Hormonal fluctuations such as estrogen dip post-pregnancy or thyroid disorders play a major role in the female type of hair loss (thinning).

3. Other causes of hair fall and hair thinning, among many, can include:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Illness
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Excessively pulling hairstyles
  • Medication side effects

How does loss of hair influence us?

Everyone knows that hair loss is natural, uncontrollable and has nothing to do with an individual’s potential, behavior or work ethics. But still, it has a stigma attached and creates a significant negative impact on personality.

It can be emotionally destructive by:

  • snatching away our charming youth
  • ripping us of confidence and imbibing a sense of distress and pressure; and even
  • adding an inferiority complex and poor self-image in our minds, leading to personal, social, and work-related problems.

Personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Lenin, Benito Mussolini or celebrities like Vin Diesel carried their bald status with grace. But for the rest of us, we are ready to try anything that claims to restore our beloved hair.

What can we do to get rid of hair loss?

There are 3 main things we can target to stop hair loss at its tracks.

  • Stimulate growth to balance out hair shedding and hair regrowth.
  • Restrict fall to negate the loss of hair volume.
  • Hair transplant.

Before resorting to that last bit, let us have a look at the other available options, how they work and the price of hair loss treatment options in Singapore.

How much hair loss treatments really cost

Minoxidil (Rogaine – active ingredient minoxidil)

This is an FDA-approved over the counter therapy for hair restoration. Being a vasodilator by nature, minoxidil improves the blood flow and nutritional support to the hair follicles enhancing their health and overall growth.

It is also reasonably priced around $40 – 50 (S$130) for a 3-month course, and a drug of choice for mild to moderate hair loss. The only con is that it demands commitment; if you stop using the medication, results may be lost.

minoxidil hair growth medication

Finasteride Pills (Propecia)

Also an FDA-approved prescription drug for androgenic alopecia only, it works by inhibiting 5α-Reductase, limiting DHT formation and thus restricting androgenic alopecia.

Cost-wise, this drug is also quite affordable with around $30 (S$85 – 95) a month. Some shortcomings for this treatment choice can include depression, mood changes and even impotence. Be sure to check with your doctor about your suitability with this treatment and share your concerns before giving this a try.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT)

Here, photons are irradiated into the scalp to invigorate and encourage the hair follicles to grow natural hair. Lasers are also known to improve circulation and maintain the hair health, according to some studies.

It is a non-invasive, safe and easy-to-use therapy, and can be done in hair and scalp care centres or at home. Laser at-home devices are, however, quite costly. In a professional hair and scalp care centre, this hair loss treatment cost around S$300 – 400 per session, providing ample improvements over time.

low-level laser therapy for hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation (Microneedling)

This is a cosmetic procedure which does not fully address hair loss but instead gives a positive appearance to the scalp by tattooing tiny dots on it for a denser look.

This cosmetic treatment can cost around $4,000-10,000 (S$1,000- 6,000), depending on the number of dots needed.

Surgical Management – Hair Transplant

If all the above therapies fail in the absence of viable hair follicles, you may be considering surgical hair restoration as a permanent solution. There are different hair transplant techniques, but all focus on relocating hair follicles from densely populated sites to a deserted area of the scalp of the same individual.

Hair transplants cost between $4,000 to $15,000 (S$8,000- S$12,000) per session, depending upon the number of grafts transplanted or techniques used.

hair transplant for hair loss
  1. Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT):

In FUT, strips of scalp tissue rich in follicles are harvested from the donor site (mostly backside of scalp) and then implanted into the recipient bald site. Implantation may show good hair growth, but the donor site is left with visible scars which can take time to heal.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

Here, the surgeon manually extracts every follicle from the donor site and implants them individually on the bald areas. Though it is a natural, long-lasting, less painful, and less scarring approach, this technique can be well done with a patient and experienced surgeon.

The procedure demands more cost, ample amount of time and multiple settings due to human limitations.

Next steps

If you or your loved ones are facing the wrath of hair loss, these hair loss treatments and products can be effective for you to regrow your hair. How much these hair loss treatments cost for you, however, depends on the type of hair loss that you are facing and your skin type.

Have a read on the top hair loss centres in Singapore, where we narrow down the best scalp treatment options to combat hair loss and hair thinning for men and women.


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