Costs of Lunchtime Treatments in Singapore


The costs of lunchtime treatments in Singapore

Lunchtime treatments are popular as the majority of office women do not have the time to pamper themselves. When they do have the time, it is usually on weekends and unfortunately, slots for whatever treatments they wanted are fully booked. This leaves them looking unruly and unkempt for longer than they would like. The answer to that problem is lunchtime treatments. Here are 8 treatments, and their cost, that can be done in your lunch hour.

Oxygen facial therapy

As this is not an invasive treatment, the effects sadly do not last forever. To keep the smooth and dewy skin texture, one is recommended to get the procedure done once a week for the first 6 weeks. This is then followed by a regular upkeep session every month. Each treatment costs between $150 and $300. In total, a year’s worth of oxygen facials would cost less than $5000.

Fat freeze

fat freeze before after
This is an effective, non-surgical and gentle method of permanently destroying the fat cells in the commonly stubborn areas using fat freezing technology. It is effective in achieving several inches of reduction over a span of 12 weeks. A single session typically costs about $400.

Waterjet facial

Many people are unable to understand the difference between a typical plasma cutting machine and a waterjet cutter. Each machine has a different power requirement, different consumables and, most importantly, the cost of abrasive.  Garnet abrasive alone can account for 75% of the hourly operating cost of the waterjet cutting system. A jet PR3 facial takes approximately an hour and costs under $300, jet PR3 eye and neck treatments take half an hour and cost under a $100 and finally, a jet PR3 neck and decolletage has no specific duration but costs under $250.

Fat cavitation body contouring

Different areas of the body require different amounts of time to see results. Areas like the belly may take up to 12 sessions to see good results while other areas like the legs and arms can show results after just 3 sessions. One session usually costs about $230.

Non-invasive face lifting

There is no set cost for this as it varies from surgeon to geographic region to the procedure’s complexity. However, the cost usually ranges from $300 to $1500, though more advanced techniques like HIFU and ultraformers can cost a lot more, up to about $3000.

Non-invasive skin lightening

This is not usually the first procedure people turn to as not everyone can afford it. The procedure itself costs $500 and there are additional costs incurred from aftercare products. There are also clinical visitation fees to factor into the total cost. These clinical fees are unavoidable as consulting the doctor is important. The doctor will take the time to get to know you and the issue you want to fix. The doctor will use that time to determine the level of melanin in your skin and how much should be removed to get you the skin shade of your choice. The price of the procedure depends on the clinic you choose and the technology available in the said clinic. While the initial price may be steep, they are usually negotiable, depending on the area the clinic is in. Generally speaking, the more modern and qualified a clinic is, the more expensive the bill is going to be.

Skin rejuvenation

Similar to other procedures, the price of this treatment ranges from clinic to surgeon to complexity of the procedure, but the average cost is $900.

Skin Resurfacing

The first step to getting this procedure done is to schedule a consultation session with a certified laser surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist to determine the best procedure to achieve your desired outcome. During this session, the cost of the procedure will be determined. There are many factors that go into determining the exact cost of the treatment. Such factors include the cost of the facility, the cost of anaesthesia, the cost of the surgeon as well as the cost of any expenses that may have been incurred from the pre and post-operative care. While there are no exact costs of lunchtime treatments off the bat, a realistic expectation to have would be between $2000 and $3000.

Wow, sounds expensive!

To be frank, the price often reflects quality in Singapore. However, celebrity surgeons (no names) tend to overcharge a little since they have that clout. In that sense, it is better to seek a good and reputable doctor who charges reasonably. Illumia Therapeutics at Wheelock Place is an excellent medispa well known to provide the best facials in town. Worth checking out is their Dual Ultrasound Facial and Oxygen Perfector Facial.


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