HIFU Facelift Singapore: What to expect & Aftercare


High-intensity frequency ultrasound treatment (HIFU) is popular among the different types of non-surgical facelift. This non-invasive facelift benefits both the face and neck area, providing total rejuvenation effortlessly by aiding in the production of collagen in the body. Proper preparation and aftercare following your HIFU facelift treatment in Singapore is crucial to maintain your results and keep it long-lasting.

What to expect before your HIFU Facelift

A non-invasive facelift is one of the go-to anti-ageing facelifts among women and men because it is quick, requires little effort on the part of the client, and the results can be compounding. This means the benefits of the facelift will accumulate over time, almost reversing the effects of ageing on the skin such as wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, and nasolabial folds.

Prior to your facelift treatment, you will be advised about avoiding certain skincare products or medication. This is normal and ensures your skin is ready to receive the full effects of the treatment.

hifu facelift what to expect

At this stage, you will also be advised to not schedule a treatment if you have tanned or photosensitive skin. A good aesthetics doctor will be able to advise if this treatment is the right fit for your needs.

Additionally, you will also be guided through the steps of the procedure and have the side effects or risks and possible complications explained to you before the treatment.

It is important to follow through the advice given by your aesthetic doctor prior to and after the procedure so that you can achieve tighter, younger-looking skin.

How to prepare your skin?

Some of the prepping that you might be required to do to prepare your skin for the HIFU facelift includes:

  • Less exposure to the Sun: Too much exposure can make your skin appear duller and cause Sun-damage that cannot be addressed by a facelift.
  • Avoiding retinol skincare products: This can irritate the skin, and some examples are vitamin C, Differin, Triluma, etc.
  • Stop taking antibiotics: Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline can also impact the effectiveness of the treatment. Be sure to inform your aesthetic doctor of your skincare regimen so she can advise you accordingly.  

On the day of your facelift, clients are encouraged to arrive on time for their facelift because pre-treatment formalities such as face cleansing can take up to 15 minutes, depending on your skin condition and treatment protocol.

Importance of HIFU Facelift aftercare

The HIFU treatment aftercare, when done well, helps you reap the maximum benefits of HIFU facelift.

After the treatment, it is normal for the skin to become more sensitive and delicate for a few days, and these will eventually subside.

It is during these few days that the skin is at its most fragile state, and any harmful sun exposure or conflicting skincare regime can threaten the effectiveness of your facelift and weaken it.

hifu facelift aftercare tips

HIFU Facelift aftercare tips to consider

Some important aftercare tips to take note of after your HIFU facelift include:

  • Be gentle with your skin: You might feel tenderness upon touching your face. When applying moisturizer or sunscreen, apply gently and cautiously.
  • Apply sunscreen and moisturizer: Protect your skin during this healing period using sunscreen of SPF 30 and only a light moisturizer. After 24 hours, you may begin applying other skincare products such as toner, serums, and facial masks.
  • Avoid Sun exposure: After the treatment, it is advisable to refrain from excessive Sun exposure for a few days. The heat from the Sun and other heat-related treatments such as hot baths, saunas, or steam rooms can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Avoid products like glycolic/salicylic acid and Vitamin C: You can resume using these skincare products after three days, or 72 hours. Additionally, facial waxing, tweezing, or depilatory creams should be avoided until 72 hours after the facelift.
  • Botox and dermal fillers: Facial treatments such as these may be continued after a period of one week from the day of the treatment.


hifu facelift aftercare best results

It is recommended to take the advice of your aesthetic doctor before, during and after your HIFU facelift.

Especially with aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, it pays to be wary and cautious of the risks and side effects of the treatment, so that you may be prepared for the procedure and achieve healthier-looking skin.

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